Supplement Information

Instructions for Ordering Biotics/DSD Supplements

For your convenience you can order your supplements from Biotics/DSD directly.  Your supplements will be shipped to you.  We have arranged this system for your convenience; remember when you place your order to tell them that you are a patient of Dr. Darragh.  

You simply call locally, 602-944-0104 or toll free, 1/800-232-3183.  

You can also pick up your supplements at the DSD International.  

The address is 11001 N 24th Ave #603, Phoenix, AZ 85029

Instructions for Ordering Standard Process supplements

Our patients are able to order supplements directly from Standard Process by registering for an account at  Go to then go to the Patient Application.  Simply fill out the information requested under patient application.  You will need the Physicians code which is 7YYH6T.  Your supplements will be shipped to you.