Our Team

Ed Nichols - Logistics


Ed is a USMC Veteran and a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan. While being raised in central New Jersey he participated in a variety of athletics including outdoor scouting activities, competitive horseback riding, soccer, tennis and more. His musical interests included trombone and baritone, and he is now learning the violin. His history also includes retail management positions and 2 Navy / Marine Corps Achievement medals.

In June of 2015 Ed Nichols and Angela Darragh were married in Puerto Rico. His vast experience, personable nature and genuine desire to serve with integrity make him uniquely qualified to fulfill his many roles with excellence. 

Janet Fernstrom - Therapies


Janet has many passions including art, family, bible study, service, and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Her quest was sparked by her mother’s diagnoses of Alzheimer’s. This life changing event guided her in a holistic direction where she found her mentor, Dr. Darragh. After nearly a decade of working with Dr. Darragh as her primary care provider, she developed better mental clarity than she had when she was young! Working with Dr. Darragh and the amazing staff has truly been “a dream come true.”

Janet was born in Aurora, Co. and moved to Scottsdale when she was six. 

Janet is married to Larry whom she cherishes. His humor brings balance to her more serious nature. Their love and shared interests (cooking together, finances, politics and the state of the world) make them a pair. Larry has 3 adult children, 13 grand children and 4 great grand children.  Janet has 3 boys. Chris, an artist, manages a gallery in Manhattan.  Jason, a USMC veteran, is a server at Fleming's. Justin is in the printing industry in Minnesota.

Kristen Cowgill - Reception


Kristen is an outdoor enthusiast that has spent time volunteering with the Forest Service in the Boundary Waters located outside of Ely, Minnesota. She has also ridden her bike across the United States twice with an organization that raises money for the awareness of Multiple Sclerosis. 

Kristen and her fiancé, Jon, plan on opening their own practice after he graduates medical school. She is using her time here learning the ins and outs of managing a medical office. 

Her kind nature and gracious heart result in delightful service.  

Valerie Olberding - Marketing


Valerie is currently studying cell biology and genetics at Arizona State University. She is studying to become a holistic physician like Dr. Darragh. Her pleasant disposition and eager nature are easy to enjoy. 


Valerie’s time is spent with her significant other, Paul and their pooch, Izzy the Dog. Her many hobbies include travel, running, rock climbing, hiking and cycling. 

Baby Jaycob - Mascot


Jaycob is Ed and Angela’s very own naturopathic baby! 

Jaycob enjoys learning and partaking in Dr. Darragh’s practices, in addition to being the social butterfly while being at the office. 

His compassionate personality brings joy everywhere he travels to.

Jaycob enjoys ”woof woofs”, adventuring outside, meals with Mom and Dad, and laughing. 

Be sure to bring toys and fun while hanging around Jaycob, he’ll quickly become your greatest friend!

Danielle Sime - Graphics


Danielle is a naturally talented artist with devotion to excellence. Her creative contribution to our office includes our new logo!