Our Policies


Missed Appointments

Your care is important to us, and so is your time. To be respectful of your time we avoid double-booking appointments. Because of this, sometimes the day is booked completely full and patients cannot be scheduled due to the lack of availability. There is a $40 fee for any missed appointment, or any appointment canceled with less than 12 hours notice. 


Prescriptions will be given at office appointments. If you are running out of medicine, it is time for a follow-up appointment. We do not treat people over the phone. If you are ill enough to need a prescription medication, you need to be evaluated by a medical professional. If you want to participate in a mail order prescription benefit program, we will be happy to give you the appropriate prescription. You will then need to supply this prescription to the appropriate companies.

Financial Consent for Service


Payment is expected as services are rendered. You have the options of paying with cash, check or credit card. We accept most major credit cards, VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card.

Some people pay a retainer to their account at the beginning of their care. The cost for care is then drawn against credit on account. If you choose to leave a retainer of $500 a 10% discount will be applied to your office visits and any in house services you may have. The 10% discount is not, however, applied towards any products you may purchase. A retainer increases commitment and follow-through, although the credit on your account is still under your control. You can receive a full refund on the unused portion at any time.

Another option is to keep your credit card on file with our office. This arrangement makes appointments smoother and saves you time. At the end of your appointment you can get whatever you need up front and immediately leave. 


Insurance companies don't seem to recognize the value of preventative care in this style. They seem to follow disease management rather than restoration. Therefore they do not generally cover naturopathic care. You may submit receipts to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. We will provide you with a “super bill” with the proper codes for your insurance company.  

Labs and imaging are covered by most insurance companies however Medicare has recently stopped covering labs ordered from naturopaths. This is because some states don't have naturopathic licensure and Medicare is a national insurance agency. We are happy to provide you with items that you can request your MD order for you.